Instructions & WARNING
You can fill out application and email application and essay (in a word doc.) to - OR you can simply fill out the form below (REQUIRED to still send the essay via email as a word document to

***Hand delivered packets WILL NOT be accepted. All scholarship packets (if mailed) must be postmarked by the April 30, 2024. Mailed scholarship packets postmarked after the April 30, 2024, will NOT be CONSIDERED

***Scholarship Topic for 2024: Attracting and retaining qualified Law Enforcement Officers has become a major issue for Law Enforcement agencies across the country, leaving many agencies shorthanded. Explain possible reasons for this issue and provide strategies that can be adopted by these agencies to overcome these shortages.

Members Scholarship 2024
The college scholarship is awarded annually to the children and grandchildren of current members in good standing that meet the guidelines established.  The application and rules are uploaded to the clickable buttons above. Make sure you follow all the guidelines and the deadline for submission is April 30, 2024. You can either download the application, fill it out and send it back, or complete it in the form below! 

Fostering relationship between community and our law enforcement  

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